HVAC Repair, Maintenance and Design Services

HVAC Repair, Annual Cleanings, Design and Installation Services
Residential and Commercial Clients Served in Lake County, Illinois and the North Shore

HVAC Repair, Maintenance and Design Services

Tom Kenna inspecting a furnace

  • HVAC Repair Service
  • 24 hour Emergency Service
  • Maintenance: Inspection, Calibration and Cleanings for Furnaces, Boilers, Air Conditioners, Humidifiers and Air Cleaners
  • Custom Design and System Installation
  • Annual Service Agreements for Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Humidifiers and Air Cleaners.
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning: Dryer vent cleaning may be one of those over looked jobs of owning a home, but very necessary.  Click here for benefits and information on dryer vent cleaning
  • Combustion Analysis: This test is performed before and after cleaning gas heating equipment to ensure it is burning fuel within safe, manufacturer recommended levels. It measures the efficiency of the equipment, temperature and gas levels including carbon monoxide. The analyzer prints measurable results determining safety and efficiency.

How We Design & Install Systems:                             

I always begin by asking my clients if there are any problems, questions or concerns. I ask about indoor air quality, noise, humidity, if the system location is objectionable, allergies, health issues, hot and cold spots, repair issues, their seasonal temperature preferences and any other concerns. I ask clients to come with me to investigate and gather information needed for the heat loss/heat gain calculation. I’d rather spent an hour or two now, rather than several hours later fixing something that was missed.

Environment Investigation Involves Many Factors Including:

  • Insulation levels of the attic and walls
  • Number of return and supply vents per room
  • Ceiling height
  • Measurements and number of rooms, windows and outside doors and their orientation to the sun
  • Skylights and fireplaces
  • Type of roof and exterior
  • Location of the thermostat
  • How tight the house is
  • Plan a path for equipment removal and installation
  • What accommodations are needed to ensure children and pet safety and how we will protect the home during the job (drop cloths and shoe covers)
  • A laser thermometer is used when determining the difference in temperature between hot and cold spots

A Heat Loss/Heat Gain Calculation is Performed for your Install Estimate. 

“Why do I need that?” you may ask. A heat loss/heat gain calculation determines what size furnace, air conditioner and air flow is needed to properly heat and cool your home. This calculation is derived from the factors listed above.

“Why can’t I just get the same size system I have now?” you may ask. What you have now may have been a “rule of thumb” estimate. Improvements and additions also have an effect on system requirements. A heat loss/heat gain calculation eliminates guesswork and ensures your system will meet what your home or workplace demands. This is required by Illinois state building code as of January 2013. The state has recommended it for many years because too many systems are oversized, leading to early system failure, wasted energy, excess noise and comfort complaints.

I use client feedback, my investigation and research possible alternatives to prepare design plans which will make my clients happy and comfortable. I present the plan in person, discuss options and answer questions.  We strive to make the installation as smooth and painless as possible for our clients by accommodating their schedule, protecting the home and cleaning up after ourselves. I follow up in person after the installation to ensure everything is operating as it should and the client is happy.

Receive Temperature Specific Guarantee for Installations:  A promise specific to your requirements is outlined in your contract. For example, your home will heat to 70 degrees when it’s -6 outside and cool to 75 degrees when it’s 95 outside. If not, the parts and labor to address this will be no charge to you.

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