Why does my furnace and air conditioner whistle?

Too much air flow is going through the return grill. The grill or ductwork may be too small or the blower motor is not calibrated for the needed air flow. Don’t live with it, this can be addressed by having the ducts and grills sized for the airflow needed and/or adjusting the blower speed to recommended settings.

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Why should I clean my HVAC equipment every year?

Cleaning your HVAC equipment helps avoid problems leading to breakdowns and may reduce energy costs.  Not only do all manufacturers recommend annual cleanings, but are now asking for service records when certain warranty claims are made.

How Can I Reduce My Heating Bills?

  • Have your furnace cleaned annually.
  • Install a programmable thermostat and use the program.
  • Seal ducts.
  • Install a humidifier. Humidity will make you feel more comfortable at lower temperatures.
  • Insulate or add more insulation to ducts if they go through an attic or crawl space.

The Pitch Did It, In The Basement, With The PVC Pipe

Erin and Steve of Antioch had an intermittent heating problem where the furnace would turn off after running for only twenty minutes. We found that the PVC pipe venting to the outside was not supported correctly, creating a water trap. The furnace gases were not venting, causing it to stop after twenty minutes.  We supported and re-pitched the pipe and removed eight gallons of water that was clogging the pipe.  Now the Furnace is running more efficiently and enduring less wear and tear.

Thermostat Tug-of-War

Tom and Janet own two apartment buildings in Libertyville and had numerous “too hot” or “too cold” complaints from tenants.  The one thermostat for each building was located in a tenants apartment.  I installed a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat in each building which is now located in the mechanical room and receives temperature inputs from six different sensors throughout each building.  This averages the temperature and gives more precise temperature control.  Tom and Janet can control the temperature remotely with an app and get alerts when the system is not performing as they specified.  Each apartment enjoys more even temperature and Tom and Janet have less headaches.

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