Unico system for older homes

We installed a Unico hvac system, which is ideal for tight spaces, in this home circa 1919. It’s quiet and provides lower humidity. We also replaced the fiberglass ductwork with sheet metal so fiberglass is no longer blowing in the air stream.

A Clean System Means Better Air Flow

Here’s the blower wheel inside a furnace before and after cleaning.
Dirt that accumulates as little as 1/16 of an inch can reduce air flow by 30%!

No Shortcuts, Guesswork or Hacks Here

Don’t settle for good enough from your HVAC contractor.  You should expect your problems solved, complete comfort and things done right.

Filter Overdue for Replacing?

When it gets this bad your system may stop working.  Remember to check your filter once a month

Got Lint?

There’s probably a lot more than you think clogging your dryer vent.
Don’t let this compromise your dryer performance or become a fire hazard.

Air Conditioner Clean and Check Time

Will your air conditioner be ready? We remove mouse houses and other surprises, thoroughly clean your air conditioner and ensure its operating at its best.
Contact us today to schedule.

Annual Service Agreements

Having a service agreement ensures your equipment is performing at its best. We clean and test your equipment twice a year.
The many benefits include peace of mind, longer equipment life, priority scheduling and lower utility bills.   [Read more…]
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